Open up your iTunes and buy that shizzle tommorow ;) !!
Big up Sadie Ama
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Kano - Live In Amsterdam

After a DEEP search of my computer yesterday, trying to find an old Essentials studio set (which I didn't even friggin find), I came across this gem.

There's no front cover. Or back cover. Just a tracklisting which to be honest, speaks for it self:

1. Home Sweet Home (Live)
2. P's & Q's plus Freestyles (Live)
3. Freestyle Set 1
4. Freestyle Set 2
5. Freestyle Set 3
6. Ghetto Kid (Live)
7. Typical Me (Live)
8. Freestyle Set 4
9. Mic Check (Remix) & Freestyle Set 5 (Feat. Demon & Ghetto) (Live)
10. Freestyle Set 6
11. Mic Check (Live)
12. Puff Puff Give (New Ghetto) (Live)
13. Bob Marley Track (Live)

A massive selection of tracks performed live, by Kano and his East London chums in Amsterdam back in 2006. Ahhhh the days when Kano was THAT guy. Now he's, ermmm, rocking and rolling.

(Discalimer this is a legal download and was intended for free publishing via Kano) 

iLove iTunes

You know, if there is one thing fantastic to come from the heads over at Apple, it's iTunes. National charts are now ran off download sales as well as physical sales, and that may have contributed a great deal to the success of both Tinchy Stryder (Number Ones with "Number One" & "Never Leave You") and Chipmunk (Number One with "Oopsy Daisy").

Chipmunk is now at the number one spot, whether we Grime folk like it not, he's worked hard and congratulations to him. But it ends there. His album "I Am Chipmunk" is in stores today, and thanks to the genius of, yes, iTunes, I was able to preview the songs and I bought the two I felt worthy (which were "Beast" and "Mandem").

I also jumped on there to see what Skepta's new single "Lush" (featuring Jay Sean) was saying, and amongst various versions, I thought the Rude Kid remix with Frisco and Jammer suited me best. Gracious K no longer makes grime, but his tune "Migraine Skank" is very catchy, and is likely to be the only song of the kind I ever buy, and that was the end of my very picky iTunes shop !

So yeah, big up ITUNES !!!  (You can also buy Chipmunks Album here and Gracious K's Migraine Skank there).

You Know Who Is Actually Under-Rated:

Fumin !!!

You can catch my review of his latest CD 'The Official Paid In Full Mixtape' later on this week.

DJ Magic - No Hats No Hoods Edition 1 Review

I'm struggling to find time to blog stuff these days, college and other (not wanking, or anything...) commitments have put a tremendous block in my path, yet one CD has been pushing my week forward.

This is DJ Magic's "No Hats No Hoods" Edition 1, and I will confirm now, it's a bloddy good CD ! The introduction track features Mr-never-left-the-lab, North London MC Frisco spitting on, yes, the X Factor theme tune. Chipmunk, who hit Number One in the national charts just hours ago with pile of shit "Oopsy Daisy" actually impresses on "Going On Sho", and the old school garage vibe also comes through on Skepta & Flow Dan's remix of So Solid Crew's anthem "21 Seconds". Other highlights include Lee Brasco's "Tour Of Bow", Trim's "Four Letter World" and grime scene royalty D Double E going in on "It's Alot".

Magic's mixing is quite on point and he's proven that a good DJ not only mixes well, but has an unbeatable selection of tunes, ranging from all the aforementioned plus DJ Specials, a mixture of Grime and other sounds like Silverlink's soka-fulled "The Message Is Love" plus future classics such as Wiley's "Where's My Brother" and Ghetto's "Don't Phone Me". Order this masterpiece from the following places
UK Record Shop
Uptown Records
Avalanche Music Hut
Juno Records

Logan Sama w/ Big H and pals....

Last weeks show was still great despite the lack of live bars, and with Big H's mix CD 'Street Crime UK' landing last Friday, it was only right to get him and a few "special guests" on the show ! But before any interviews or sets, of course we had to hear some NEW music, with Target & Danny Weed's 'Aim High' plus many more CD's just around the corner.

If I Was Stranded On An Island...

With ONE SONG, at this moment in time it could only be this

And it's not even Grime. I am under the assumption that the above is something from the Dubstep genre. However the guy who made that masterpiece is also responsible for this manic melody you may have heard on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show recently

You can get hold of "Rain" and "Breakage (Featuring David Rodigan)" right here, and from the 19th of October get the Newham Generals vocal (above video) from iTunes or


NEW Musicalings !!

Thanks to my college, I've been able to listen to Logan Sama's show for a consecutive few weeks. Which I am rather glad about to be honest. The OG's plus friends set was rather epic, and when it was announced this week that there were to be no guests in attendance, I was contemplating not locking in at all. But he did promise loads of new music and to be fair that's what we got.

Sooo That Was September

Have you ever watched Greyhounds race before ? If not then here's a good one for you:

That race above could in some ways be compared to the grime scene. Firstly it's a good laugh. Yes, that's right, sometimes I like to sit down with my Bearded Dragon on my shoulder and laugh at the grime scene. Because despite the "badman" stigma it carries, I believe thy artists to be comedians, particularly guys like Chipmunk, who in one random twitter rant said "Fuck the world". No son, the world says fuck YOU. Well I do anyway.

North London MC Hammer could well be the little greyhound who slips up at the start and then goes on to win the race. Because after his tremendously long absence from Grime, Mr Hurricane City has raced back at full speed and put out one of the year's best releases. Catch my review here.

CD OF THE YEAR. So far. But that's not to put a dampening doubt over it though, P Money's bananas flow over insane beats from Sukh Knight, Royal T and Silencer makes for brick-wall-testing listening. Review here.

If I'm honest, get it from iTunes so you can choose the Silencer remix.


24 Hours in the life of Butterz makes for a good watch and you get a shiny new mix with it ! Watch and download here.
Z Dot and Dolla Da Dustman's free EP 'Go Getterish: The Preview' plus mini interview !
Lawless (cousin to Rock N Rolla Kano) drops his promo "Heir To The Throne"
Merky Ace presents "The Best Of Merky ACE"

Oh and finally...

I said the race was like Grime also because September represents the opening gate. Expect a flood of releases now from the likes of Wiley, Dogzilla, Deeperman, Scorcher, Flowdan, Roll Deep, Blacks, Devlin, Ghetts and many many MANY more. (Don't hope too hard on Ghetts and Devlin though, eh).


The Best Of Merky ACE

Big up to Merky Ace, the South London MC is putting in noticeable workmate with the latest addition to his string of free downloads (grab them here).

Listen to the sample below to know what you;re downloading !!