NEW Musicalings !!

Thanks to my college, I've been able to listen to Logan Sama's show for a consecutive few weeks. Which I am rather glad about to be honest. The OG's plus friends set was rather epic, and when it was announced this week that there were to be no guests in attendance, I was contemplating not locking in at all. But he did promise loads of new music and to be fair that's what we got.
Ghetts - Artillery

I do not have a scooby doo as to what project this is taken from. It may be featuring on "Calm Before The Storm" the pre-album mixtape, Ghetts doesn't strike me as the Wiley-give-DJ's-my-whole-album-months-before-it's-out-type. The tune is brilliant, Z Dot went IN on the production and well Ghetts murdered it. Lets get that mixtape out now though eh Justin ?

Griminal - Cha Chang Freestyle

Yes, finally some new Griminal. This 'freestyle' was bloddy brilliant, the Griminal we're used to hearing, all is going well until...."One more thing...P Money AIN'T better then Ghetto". Ehhhhhhhhhhhh ?
Controversial !
Terminator - One Of The Darkest  

AND ITS TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! Yeah, Terminator's knocking about again, what a comeback tune. I like it ! Now you need to gather Revolver, Jonson and Dolla, and get working on a Cold Blooded CD !!

Trim - One Line Flow

Yeah some new Trimbal !! Old bars indeed, but seems to go well. "I used to Heat Up, But now I Heat Off" WOIIIIII. Anticipating Trim's album highly, "Monkey Features" is supposed to be dropping the end of October.

Big H - Alone

How long have we been waiting for Street Crime UK now ? I dunno, but it's been a pisstake. Alas, UK Record Shop leap to the rescue. BUY BIG H'S "STREET CRIME UK". This song is on there, I'm feeling it alot, time to get ordering I suppose.

There was other new music as well from the likes of J2K, Manga, Scorcher, Dot Rotten and President T but I really do need to get out. Laters ! (Find some more radio rips here.)