Sooo That Was September

Have you ever watched Greyhounds race before ? If not then here's a good one for you:

That race above could in some ways be compared to the grime scene. Firstly it's a good laugh. Yes, that's right, sometimes I like to sit down with my Bearded Dragon on my shoulder and laugh at the grime scene. Because despite the "badman" stigma it carries, I believe thy artists to be comedians, particularly guys like Chipmunk, who in one random twitter rant said "Fuck the world". No son, the world says fuck YOU. Well I do anyway.

North London MC Hammer could well be the little greyhound who slips up at the start and then goes on to win the race. Because after his tremendously long absence from Grime, Mr Hurricane City has raced back at full speed and put out one of the year's best releases. Catch my review here.

CD OF THE YEAR. So far. But that's not to put a dampening doubt over it though, P Money's bananas flow over insane beats from Sukh Knight, Royal T and Silencer makes for brick-wall-testing listening. Review here.

If I'm honest, get it from iTunes so you can choose the Silencer remix.


24 Hours in the life of Butterz makes for a good watch and you get a shiny new mix with it ! Watch and download here.
Z Dot and Dolla Da Dustman's free EP 'Go Getterish: The Preview' plus mini interview !
Lawless (cousin to Rock N Rolla Kano) drops his promo "Heir To The Throne"
Merky Ace presents "The Best Of Merky ACE"

Oh and finally...

I said the race was like Grime also because September represents the opening gate. Expect a flood of releases now from the likes of Wiley, Dogzilla, Deeperman, Scorcher, Flowdan, Roll Deep, Blacks, Devlin, Ghetts and many many MANY more. (Don't hope too hard on Ghetts and Devlin though, eh).