iLove iTunes

You know, if there is one thing fantastic to come from the heads over at Apple, it's iTunes. National charts are now ran off download sales as well as physical sales, and that may have contributed a great deal to the success of both Tinchy Stryder (Number Ones with "Number One" & "Never Leave You") and Chipmunk (Number One with "Oopsy Daisy").

Chipmunk is now at the number one spot, whether we Grime folk like it not, he's worked hard and congratulations to him. But it ends there. His album "I Am Chipmunk" is in stores today, and thanks to the genius of, yes, iTunes, I was able to preview the songs and I bought the two I felt worthy (which were "Beast" and "Mandem").

I also jumped on there to see what Skepta's new single "Lush" (featuring Jay Sean) was saying, and amongst various versions, I thought the Rude Kid remix with Frisco and Jammer suited me best. Gracious K no longer makes grime, but his tune "Migraine Skank" is very catchy, and is likely to be the only song of the kind I ever buy, and that was the end of my very picky iTunes shop !

So yeah, big up ITUNES !!!  (You can also buy Chipmunks Album here and Gracious K's Migraine Skank there).