Kano - Live In Amsterdam

After a DEEP search of my computer yesterday, trying to find an old Essentials studio set (which I didn't even friggin find), I came across this gem.

There's no front cover. Or back cover. Just a tracklisting which to be honest, speaks for it self:

1. Home Sweet Home (Live)
2. P's & Q's plus Freestyles (Live)
3. Freestyle Set 1
4. Freestyle Set 2
5. Freestyle Set 3
6. Ghetto Kid (Live)
7. Typical Me (Live)
8. Freestyle Set 4
9. Mic Check (Remix) & Freestyle Set 5 (Feat. Demon & Ghetto) (Live)
10. Freestyle Set 6
11. Mic Check (Live)
12. Puff Puff Give (New Ghetto) (Live)
13. Bob Marley Track (Live)

A massive selection of tracks performed live, by Kano and his East London chums in Amsterdam back in 2006. Ahhhh the days when Kano was THAT guy. Now he's, ermmm, rocking and rolling.

(Discalimer this is a legal download and was intended for free publishing via Kano)